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We Make Solar Products for Homes and Businesses, and Clean Cookstoves To Power Daily Life


BioLite is dedicated to delivering durable, reliable products. All our products come with warranties of 1-3 years, and all bring extensive economic, social, and environmental benefits to the households that use them, to their communities, and to society.

  • Award-Winning Designs
  • Pay As You Go Enabled Products
  • Used By Over 5 Million People Around The World

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    Energy On A Mission

    8.1 M People Living Brighter Lives

    And we’re on a mission to reach 20 million people by 2025 with safe, reliable ways to cook, charge, and light daily life beyond the grid. Every purchase helps us get closer.

    2023 Impact Report

    See good energy in action with stories from our customers, annual impact targets, and our full carbon audit. Learn more about our ongoing commitment to sustainability, innovation, and positive change.

    A Global Energy Brand

    Dedicated to off-grid energy all over the world, BioLite's Outdoor Recreation division creates award-winning gear for life outside. Serving outdoor markets in United States, Canada and Europe.