What kind of fuel can I use in the BaseCamp? Can I use charcoal?

The BioLite BaseCamp is designed to burn solid biomass only: sticks, twigs, firewood, pinecones, wood chunks, etc. The BaseCamp is a fun and efficient way to cook with wood, allowing you to use 50% less wood while still maintaining a strong fire. 

Like any fire, a good fuel source is the key to starting it correctly and keeping it going easily. You want to make sure you have good dry fuel that is the right size in diameter – we recommend not going bigger than 1.5" in diameter, especially at the beginning of your fire.

We do not recommend using charcoal. The BaseCamp is specifically optimized to burn wood. The force-draft fan-assisted technology creates a really strong biomass-fueled fire by creating very high temperatures and improving overall combustion. You can technically use charcoal but you'll be left with a lot of ash (way more than if you were using wood) at the end of your fire.

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