My KettleCharge stopped working - what can I try?

It may be that a low heat source has ‘tricked’ the unit to stay on for too long after the battery was fully discharged. The good news is, there's a way to fix it by reconditioning the battery located on the power handle:

1) Using a double-sided USB cord, plug the power handle into a charging USB port (your computer works great). If you're a CampStove user, this cord is the yellow cord you use to condition the power module; if you don't own a CampStove or lost the cord, I'm happy to send you one of these cords, please let me know. 

2) Keep the power handle plugged in for 15 minutes. This should jumpstart the battery and bring it back to life; you should see the LEDs light up in a sequence. And just like any battery, you want to avoid overcharging -- unplug it at 15 minutes, try not to go beyond that.

3) After that, you should start to see the lights functioning again on the battery side of the LED panel. The unit should work normally, i.e. a button press should wake the unit up, it should respond to heat, etc.  The battery will start empty so only 1 battery LED will be showing initially. When you fill with water and place on a stove, the heat side should begin to light up as well -- and your KettleCharge is back in business.

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