How To Use The BaseLantern App In 4 Gifs

An Inside Look at the App That Transforms Your Campsite into a Smart Grid

Whether you’re deep in the backcountry or hanging out in the backyard, you can bring big light, shareable power, and smarter control wherever you go with the BaseLantern or BaseLantern XL.

Our Bluetooth Low Energy app allows you to unlock the full potential of your BaseLantern. In this quick read, we unpack all the four of our favorite features waiting for you in the free BaseLantern App. 

1. Proximity Activation

Proximity Activation comes in handy when you are hiking back to your site and know you're close, but not exactly sure where your site is. This feature uses your bluetooth connection to determine your distance from your BaseLantern. When you're within 150 feet of your BaseLantern - it will turn it on or off . Set up this feature and illuminate a beacon of light to welcome you back to camp.

BioLite BaseLantern App .gif 1

2. Party Mode

Feeling the #campvibes and want more than a white light to brighten up your site? Set the mood with the BaseLantern's chill mode, a feature that gives your campsite a fun vibe by allowing the BaseLantern to rotate through its full color spectrum of lighting.

BioLite BaseLantern App .gif 2

3. Alarms & Timers

Never forget to check your food again at the campsite. Set custom alarms or timers to remind you to check pizza cooking up in your PizzaDome or wake up to the ambient light of the BaseLantern.

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4. Control SiteLights

That moment when you've strung up multiple strings of SiteLights and someone wants to go to bed - now there is a quick fix for the dilemma for those who want to stay up later. Easily, dim or turn off the lights near their tent without having to unplug from your set up by using your BaseLantern app to dim string lights and manage which SiteLights are on/off.

BioLite BaseLantern App .gif 4

Get to know more about your BaseLantern App in this 2 minute tutorial below and download the app here.

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