Roundup: SolarPanel 10+ and Charge Series

We were really excited to announce the launch of the SolarPanel 10+ and Charge Series this year. These new charing products offer a higher panel output as well as more options for off grid power storage. Just a month after their launch, we've gathered a roundup of reviews so you can see what the press is saying about the SolarPanel 10+ and the Charge Series.

SolarPanel 10+ and Charge Series In The News
Design Milk
BioLite Makes Portable Power Easy When You're On The Go Or Off the Grid

"BioLite continues to surprise us with their ability to bring modern technology to the great outdoors and their latest finds more ways to bring portable power with you when you go off the grid. For 2017, they’ve launched the Charge Series of compact portable batteries, along with the SolarPanel 10+, a portable solar panel that doubles the power of the original 5-watt panel. Both designs aim to keep you connected throughout your busy, mobile lifestyle."

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Digital Trends
BioLite's New Solar Panel And USB Chargers Bring Portable Power To Campsites

“Keeping our mobile devices charged in the backcountry just got a little easier. BioLite, the company behind the battery-charging CampStove, has announced a slew of new products specifically designed to power our smartphones, tablets, headlamps, cameras, and other gadgets while traveling off the grid, including a new portable solar panel and a line of USB battery packs...The new SolarPanel 10+ also comes equipped with a 3,000mAh battery pack and is capable of generating as much as 10 watts of power thanks to an additional fold-out solar cell. Like BioLite’s previous models, it has a built-in kickstand to keep it stable on a variety of surfaces, as well as a sundial to help users find the most efficient angle and positioning to collect power.”

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Sunny Days For Solar Charging

In his recent review, David Carnoy at CNET examines how improved performance and affordability make portable solar chargers (like the BioLite SolarPanel 10+) attractive power options when you don't have an outlet.

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