6 PowerLight Bundle Hacks for your Next Power Outage

Quick ways to get light and power when you need them most.

It's time to start preparing for severe weather season and the power outages that come with it. Power outages give you a lot to think about, what are you going to do with the food in your fridge? How will you stay warm? How do you plan to cook warm meals if you don’t have access to a gas stove? And importantly, how will you light your way? Candles and flashlights are handy but when the power is out for an extended period of time, it is a hassle to rely on so many different sources. Below, we’ve pulled together a few of our ways the PowerLight Bundle can help you the next time your lights go out.

Most portable lighting systems have to be carried around with you from room to room but the PowerLight Bundle’s attachable SiteLights each extend up to 10 feet. Light up your main living area, hallway and adjacent rooms all at once so that you can freely move about the space. As a bonus, you can turn off individual Sitelights when they aren’t being used without turning off the entire system.

Make it easier to find and prepare food by tying one Sitelight around the handle of a kitchen cabinet. You can use this light to either look around inside the cabinets or point downward at the counter for food prep.

If you are still showering in the dark, use one of the water-resistant SiteLights to illuminate your bathtub and shower area by tying it around your mirror. Angle the light to bounce off the mirror and light up the room. You can also place the PowerLight in lantern mode on the edge of the sink or shelf.

Illuminate your staircase to avoid any unnecessary trips or falls. Use the torch function on your PowerLight to light your way up and down the stairs as you string Sitelights around your banister or place them on the foot of every few stairs.

When the power goes out, it feels like we all have more time on our hands. Create the perfect atmosphere for spending quality time with your family and friends by turning on one panel of the PowerLight and hanging it off of a bottle on your main table. This will give you great task lighting while you tell stories, play games or eat meals.

Tie one SiteLight just outside the entrance to your home pointing at the stairs and doorway with the other pointing at the walkway. This will act as a porch light replacement for anyone walking up to your house and as an added bonus, provides a sense of security.

On top of these lighting hacks, the PowerLight Bundle has a 4400mAh battery that you can use to charge your phone and other USB devices. To conserve the battery life of your PowerLight Bundle, you can dim the PowerLight and SiteLight (most eyes adjust to lower light settings within just a few minutes).

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