Powering A 10,000 Mile Bike Tour


“That feeling when you’ve been cycling up mountains for two days and finally reach the top of your pass, fire up the stove and enjoy a hot pot of soup looking down at the valley below. There is nothing greater than knowing you climbed that mountain with your own will and determination,” says Erin, a BioLite ambassador, who along with her partner Mehedi, embarked on a 10,000 mile bike tour from Mexico to Argentina last year.

In 2016, they pedaled their way through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and into Ecuador. They’ve crossed mountain ranges, miles of dusty road, by scenic volcanoes, and windy coastlines.

Erin & Mehedi’s bikes are not just their mode of transportation, they are mobile homes, carrying everything they need to eat, sleep and recharge. When you’re responsible for pedaling around your entire life, every ounce adds up. We worked closely with Erin & Mehedi to compile an off grid kit that could meet the needs of a multi-year bike trip complete with a CampStove, KettlePot, SolarPanel 5+ and PowerLight Minis. Most days are full of grueling cycling followed by completely off grid camping sessions, but with unlimited access to energy, powering their travels becomes easier. With this kit they are able to cook warm meals twice a day, fully charge their PowerLight Minis so the can pedal extra miles at dusk and have extra power to charge their gps and cameras. A warm meal and multiple power sources are simple luxuries that mean Erin and Mehedi (and their gear) can end each day recharged and ready for whatever adventure lies ahead.

(Follow their travels on instagram @mehedi.505 @erinazouz).

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