BioLite Spring Charge: Boost Your CampStove Battery

Can't wait to take out your BioLite CampStove in this spring weather?

Before heading out make sure to top off the starter battery of your CampStove. Much like a car, the CampStove's starter battery helps you kickstart your fire before the stove begins generating its own electricity from the heat of the fire. Just plug it in to a nearby computer using your double sided USB cord (located in your BioLite CampStove Box) and let it charge for 2-4 hours. The bar above the USB port will be blinking orange to show that it is charging. After that, you are good to go! For more questions about your CampStove, please visit our FAQ section.

Help us spread the word to fellow BioLite users! Tell friends and family to break out their CampStoves and send us photos of you conditioning your battery so we can show everyone just how easy it is to kick things off this Spring.

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