Cookstove Adoption: Nurse Beluga Prossy's Clinic

Nurse Beluga Prossy saves $20 a month using the HomeStove at her health clinic in the outskirts of Kampala

Prossy is a nurse with a family of six. She opened a health clinic in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, to bring improved health access to her neighborhood. Prossy bought her HomeStove a year and a half ago, through word of mouth, after hearing about a sales demonstration of the HomeStove from a close friend. She uses the stove for all her cooking needs at the clinic and now saves 60,000 shillings (about $20 USD) a month!

"Thank you for making the HomeStove! I use it for everything: preparing food in the mornings, cooking lunch, cooking supper and for boiling sanitized water to wash my patients!

This stove reduces a lot of smoke, and I think it is increasing the lifespan of women at the clinic. It is also safer because there is no open fire so there is much less risk of accidents. Once the fire is on and the fan is running, it also cooks faster than any of my old stoves. But the main benefit is that I no longer have to buy charcoal! A bag of charcoal easily costs me 70,000 Ugandan shillings (about $23 USD) and only used to last me one month. But ever since I first purchased the HomeStove I haven't needed to buy any charcoal and only spend 10,000 shillings (about $3 USD) a month on wood. With the HomeStove, I am now saving 60,000 shillings (about $20 USD) per month."

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